Best Cloud Computing Platforms


DigitalOcean simplifies cloud computing so businesses can spend more time creating software that changes the world. With its mission-critical infrastructure and fully managed offerings, DigitalOcean helps developers at startups and growing digital businesses rapidly build, deploy and scale, whether creating a digital presence or building digital products. DigitalOcean combines the power of simplicity, security, community and customer support so customers can spend less time managing their infrastructure and more time building innovative applications that drive business growth.


  • Ease of use.
  • Flexibility and scalability.
  • Scalable hosting


  • Lack of CDN.



Rated 4.0 out of 5
March 15, 2024

For my team, DigitalOcean is a huge support. It is very simple to use, including for those in our team who are not technical experts. We appreciate the ability to adjust our resources depending on how much our company expands. Also, it is very good value for what we pay

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Rated 4.0 out of 5
March 4, 2024

DigitalOcean scalability helps much. When more users come, we can simply increase resources to manage the traffic. No longer do we concern ourselves with downtime or issues of performance. It becomes easy to concentrate on expanding our business

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