IRIS is an acronym for “Integrated Reporting is Simple” because at IRIS CRM, building easy-to-use software is our guiding principle. Do not let the rest of the name fool you, we are so much more than your average CRM!

IRIS CRM (acquired by NMI) is a premier cloud-based business management system servicing clients in the payment processing industry. IRIS CRM was created as an ERP for agents, ISOs, and banks looking to consolidate their day-to-day operations into a single tool. IRIS CRM features include residual income calculations, merchant onboarding, lead and account lifecycle tracking, integrated Outlook and Google and a transaction reporting dashboard for a growing list of compatible processing networks.


  • Streamlines the life cycle of merchant services very well. E-signatures, workflows, and help tickets are well integrated to maximize efficiency.
  • Grouping is done very effectively. For a company with a wide product portfolio, it is greatly beneficial to customize product families.


  • Workflow customization is not easy for all users and can require some coding skills on the back end.



Rated 4.0 out of 5
March 15, 2024

IRIS CRM has transformed the way we operate our business. It centralizes all essential functions for handling our merchant services clients, such as onboarding, tracking of potential leads, and managing residual payments. Also, the integrated workflows and electronic signatures are very efficient

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Rated 4.0 out of 5
March 4, 2024

IRIS CRM enables us to organize our services into categories, which simplifies the process of locating and tailoring them for different customers. It helps save a lot of time and streamlines our sales operations.

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